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My First Grey Hair (by my niece)

One of my Christmas presents today was this wonderful poem by my niece, Olivia:

Picture of handsome, older man with gray hair.
My First Grey Hair ------------------ Today I found my first grey hair At first it gave me quite a scare What's it doing over there? I poked and prodded as I stare What does this say about me now? I worry, cringe and raise my brow This imperfection I avow Makes me feel a little foul But then I thought a little more Of those who's hair turned grey before All of whom I do adore With hearts of gold and wits galore So maybe this is not a shame Perhaps it is my claim to fame For life would be a little lame If I just tried to stay the same Now wisdom calls me to its lair Challenges me to be aware Beckoning myself to share The story of my first grey hair ....... Loved it!!

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