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Little Red Wagon Winery

This is a blog about our recent visit to the Little Red Wagon Winery (Le Vignoble Petit Chariot Rouge) in Shawville Quebec. For now, I'm Just posting pictures, but will add text over the next week.

Wine grapes are much smaller than supermarket grapes.

Neat, parallel rows of grapes vines.

The main house - the family lives here on the farm.

This is the winery building. There's a restaurant on the main floor and the fermenting and bottling area is downstairs in the basement.

It was too wet to sit outside.

These are the stainless steel fermenting vats. This small winery produces 10,000 to 15,000 bottles a year of different varieties.

The bigger fermenting vats.

This original artwork is used in the labels.

Free-range chicken and ducks roam through the vineyards. Since this was after the rain, I imagine their looking for tastes morsels of worms.

The three varieties they produce: red, white and rose.

Our final group shot before returning home to L'Initial.

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